Lucie Silvas + Special Guest Charlie Worsham

16th Nov 2017

Born in the UK and raised part of her life in New Zealand by her Kiwi dad and Scottish mother, Lucie Silvas grew up listening to her parents favourites from Ray Charles to Nat King Cole toJames Taylor and Roberta Flack. She started playing the piano and writing songs at age 10 but wasn’t exposed to the music industry until she was 17 when she went out on the road as a backing singer for British singer/songwriter Judie Tzuke.

A few years later she released her debut album on Mercury Records, “Breathe In,” and toured Europe extensively for the following years with both her debut and second album.
She went on to sell well over a million albums in Europe, alone. Lucie worked and toured with many artists at the time including the likes of Elton John, Jamie Cullum, Macy Gray, and Jamiroquai.

After achieving massive success for both her own music as well as songs written for other artists, Lucie packed up and moved to Nashville, TN. where she has now performed and written with
some of the biggest and the best in their fields. She began sowing the seeds of this new chapter and hit the road touring with a vast array of artists ranging from Kacey Musgraves to James Bay, from Willie Nelson to Dwight Yoakum and from Little Big Town to Chris Stapleton for whom she is currently opening in the States. She currently has songs on both Miranda Lambert’s and Reba
MacEntire’s new albums. Lucie has begun recording the highly-anticipated follow-up to the critically acclaimed, “Letters To Ghosts” album which she self-produced and released this past year.


Charlie’s second album Beginning of Things lives on contemporary country music’s cutting edge, with echoes from the past that thunder and whirl their way into an electric Southern symphony of
guitars, strings, horns, twang, funk, rhythm, smile and snarl. There are moments of nostalgia, but nothing throwback. It’s both a declaration of independence and a celebration of musical community, and it could only have been made by someone with Worsham’s depth and breadth of experience, understanding, and musicality.

“This one’s me,” he says. “I’ve been around long enough now to get why you’re supposed to do what you do, and not do what someone else does.”

Rubber Band was a display of potent promise, but Worsham’s sophomore work is his emergence. It is promise realized, and perspective attained. “Life is a record,” he sings. “Better cut your groove.” And if that record gets dinged in the shuffling, “Part of the charm is the crackle, the pop and the hiss.”

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